Ramy Eidi: Commercial Real Estate Revitalization Expert

Ramy Eidi: Commercial Real Estate Revitalization Expert

The real estate industry has not been in great shape since the recession hit. However, there have certainly been bright spots. One of the most exciting niche industries has been real estate revitalization. Ramy Eidi is considered an expert in the revitalization of real estate properties in Ohio. Ramy Eidi has a talent for uncovering the “diamond in the rough” when it comes to real estate in need of revitalization.

What this means is that Ramy Eidi has an eye for finding real estate properties who have real value, but that value is disguised by cosmetic issues. Ramy Eidi then seeks to bring out the real value of the property with revitalization and then turn a profit by reselling the properties. This has been a successful venture for Ramy Eidi and his company, Eidi Properties.
Ramy Eidi has worked in three markets in Northwest Ohio, all of which were quite different from one another and diverse in their own right. Over the last ten years, he has shown he can be successful in each of those markets. Eidi Properties is a company that has, over the last fifteen years, benefited from Ramy Eidi’s specialty in revitalizing real estate properties with hidden values. The company is now one of the largest privately owned real estate investment properties in Ohio.




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